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London: Wishbone

As a huge lover of fried chicken, I was immediately sold on the concept of Wishbone: free-range fried chicken! The restaurant is located inside ‘Brixton Market Row,’ or as those more familiar with South London may recall, the indoor market. The interior is reminiscent of a trendy, conceptual New York City restaurant: expect high tables and bar-stools with outdoor seating that is not too dissimilar from a school dining experience; but don’t let that put you off, it all makes for a laid-back environment which compliments the menu. Not only were the staff super friendly and cool, but they also had a great hip-hop playlist which included the likes of: Tribe Called Quest, Rick Ross, French Montana and even Craig Mack…talk about nostalgia.

The restaurant immediately scored extra points for offering Ting (a Jamaican grapefruit soda), and Ginger Beer as an alternative to the usual beverages. I ordered the Korean Double Fried Wings (as recommended by the waiter) Fries, and two servings of the Deep Fried Mac ‘N’ Cheese. My friend opted for the Chicken Shop Wings and the Slaw (Coleslaw).

So what did I think?


The Korean Double Fried Wings were absolutely delicious! The sweet, but tangy sauce had a slight ‘orange-y’ taste, which was then contrasted with the spring onions and the chilli. Although they tasted amazing on their own, I found that the House BBQ Sauce which was served with the Chicken Shop Wings complimented them perfectly. The Chicken Shop Wings were crunchy and moderately seasoned and although I would have preferred them to be a little bit spicier, the added sauce definitely compensated for the lack of heat. I would personally recommend ordering both and sharing.


The fries were crisp, fresh, and simply delicious! The Slaw was definitely a miss, I’m all for a good homemade coleslaw, but the taste was very sharp and unpleasant, neither of us had more than one bite.

The Deep Fried Mac ‘N’ Cheese appears underwhelming at first, however once I bit into them, I was pleasantly surprised! The centre was filled with warm, gooey, soft macaroni and cheese centre, whilst the outside was perfectly crisp and crunchy, it was comparable to a savoury Baked Alaska. These are an absolute must if you visit!

Would I go back?

Yes! This didn’t quite make the TSF Favourites list as it’s not somewhere that I would constantly revisit, however it is somewhere that I strongly recommend!

Who’s it for?

This restaurant is most suited towards fried chicken lovers (obviously) and those who enjoy quirky dining concepts.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Unit 12 Market Row
Brixton Market
0207 274 0939

Wishbone on Urbanspoon

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